Erase Your Race
Erase Your Race

For many many years we've been told that we were taken from a place of poverty and brought a better opportunity. Although it was against our will, we are repeatedly expected to believe that coming to America to serve was the best move of our lives. Throughout history, you see so many different depictions of African People who come from nothing and you feel automatically obligated to have sympathy for them. History textbooks, old speeches and what has been presented to us has not given a complete honest depiction of our ancestors. 
We were also Kings and Queens that you barely ever see mentioned. Not all of Africa has been living in poverty forever, but has also had a very rich and expressive side. We are taught to mentally erase what has happened to our race, but you and I absolutely refuse to let that happen. We dig deeper and deeper into our roots and we find greatness. We find such expression and hope that it drives us for even greater things today. So many explanations are found as to how and why everything has happened to us and why our race is looked at as the most inferior. 

I came up with this project because I wanted the world to see a depiction of Africa that has never really had a fair amount of shine. Looking beyond what we are given in the media and texts, you will find some amazing things about yourself and your ancestry. Never, Ever forget the royalty that flows through our veins every single day. We are made of greatness and were given the ability to adapt tremendously to whatever environments we are put in and that's a unique trait that not many other race's possess. Our culture is extremely influential and we are the minds and creators behind countless mass productions in the world that have developed over the centuries, and that are still used today. 
For years we've been asking to shine, now we will take our shine back. 

Happy Black History Month Everyone!